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Written by an author who has extensive experience in private practice, the Land Registry, and the academic sector, Land Registration Manual is an authoritative source of technical and practical advice on all matters relating to registered land and interests affecting it.

The book's alphabetical (A to Z) approach allows practitioners to zoom in on the specific topic they are dealing with, knowing that the book will provide useful background commentary, along with clear guidance on the form and content of relevant Land Registry applications specific to that topic. The topics are geared to aspects of day-to-day practice rather than academic areas of law - making the book more accessible and more relevant to the needs of busy practitioners.

Fully updated to take account of all the changes in land registration law and practice, including those introduced by the Land Registration (Amendment) Rules 2018, Land Registration Manual covers not only the usual subjects, but also many less frequently encountered topics which are often not covered elsewhere. Thus, its coverage extends not only from transfers to leases, but from bare trusts to franchises; options to powers of attorney; and chancel repair to embankments and sea walls. Each topic contains accurate commentary to aid understanding and clear guidance on the relevant applications which may need to be made to complete a transaction or protect a client's interests.

The book also contains all the current versions of the standard form restrictions and the prescribed lease clauses, along with a list of Land Registry forms and other useful information, making Land Registration Manual an invaluable 'one-stop' source of guidance for busy practitioners of all levels of experience. It will enable them to research topics and deal with matters quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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