Karate Science: Dynamic Movement

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Dynamics, motion, and sensation are karate's connective tissueand they are the heart of this book. As a lifelong student of martial arts, J. D. Swanson, PhD, had searched through piles of books on form and function. Stand here, they said. Step there. But where movement was concerned, not one of them went deep enough. No one discussed dynamicsthe actual feeling of the moves. Martial instruction, both in print and in person, tends to focus on stances and finishing positions. But dynamics, motion, sensation ...they are karate's connective tissueand they are the heart of this book. Karate Science: Dynamic Movement will help you understand the mechanics of the human body. Swanson describes these principles in incredible detail, drawing on examples from several styles of karate, as well as aikido, taekwondo, and judo. Whatever your martial background, applying this knowledge will make your techniques better, stronger, and faster. *Understand the major types of techniques, including their outward appearances and internal feelings.*Master the core principles behind these feelings.*Learn the biomechanics and dynamics of core movement. Karate Science: Dynamic Movementis filled with examples, anecdotes, and beautiful illustrations. Although Shotokan karate is the author's frame of reference, the principles of human mechanics translate to all martial styles. This book features *Clear and insightful explanations of dynamic movement.*Over 100 illustrations.*Profound but accessible analysis of the kihon, or fundamentals of Shotokan karate. Karate Science: Dynamic Movement is rooted in the teachings of the masters," Swanson says. This book nucleates that knowledge, clarifying and distilling the key principles behind movement dynamics. This is the next evolution of karate books."

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