Jubilee: A Season of Spiritual Renewal

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The Jubilee theme is the Old Testament concept of declaring a special season for attaining spiritual renewal. In "Jubilee," Mel Lawrenz skillfully takes readers through a season of renewal, pausing to examine the following themes and inviting readers to consider their own lives and their response to God: -Sabbath: a time and an attitude in which we rehearse that God and God alone is in control-Proclamation: knowing what we stand for in life, and letting others know it-Redemption: being freed by God's great acts of deliverance-Freedom: cherishing the liberty that God brings to every area of life-Forgiveness: accepting the mercy of God and releasing those we have held indebted to ourselves-Healing: letting God restore our spirit, our body and our relationships-Justice: standing for what is right and being an advocate for those who are downtrodden

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