ISE Engaging Questions: A Guide to Writing 3e

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Engaging Questions , now in its third edition, emphasizes interaction and critical thinking , transforming passive learners into active learners empowered to ask their own questions and pursue those questions wherever they lead:

  • In reading and thinking before writing, to interpret texts and assignments and to evaluate the credibility of sources.

  • In planning and organizing, to investigate the writing situation, to find a topic, and to formulate a coherent thesis.

  • In drafting, to consider choices of style, voice, and genre and question the effectiveness of the choices made.

  • In revising and editing, to anticipate readers' experience with the text and see where changes could make the text more readable and effective.

With a redesigned table of contents, this edition foregrounds instruction and assignments critical to the first-year writing course. Its inquiry-based approach provides the scaffold for comprehensive coverage organized around four key parts: Exploring Writing and Reading, Writing in the Aims, Researching Writing, and Writing in the Genres.

Engaging Questions is an appropriate title for Composition 1 or Composition 1 and 2 at both 2-year and open-enrollment 4-year schools. This text is written as a direct competitor to the market leader in composition, the Norton Field Guide 5e.

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