Introduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Dynamic Loads

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Aeroelastic phenomena arising from the interaction of aerodynamic, elastic and inertia forces, and the loads resulting from flight/ground maneuvers and gust/turbulence encounters, have a significant influence upon aircraft design. The prediction of aircraft aeroelastic stability, response and loads requires application of a range of interrelated engineering disciplines.This new textbook introduces the foundations of aeroelasticity and loads for the flexible aircraft, providing an understanding of the main concepts involved and relating them to aircraft behavior and industrial practice.This book uses simplified mathematical models to demonstrate key aeroelastic and loads phenomena including flutter, divergence, control effectiveness and the response and loads resulting from flight/ground maneuvers and gust/turbulence encounters. It provides an introduction to some up-to-date methodologies for aeroelastics and loads modeling. It emphasises on the strong link between aeroelasticity and loads. It offers a provision of MATLAB and SIMULINK programs for the simplified analyses. It provides an overview of typical industrial practice in meeting certification requirements.

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