Insister of Jacques Derrida

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'I have often declared my admiration for Helene Cixous, for the person and for the work: immense, powerful, so multiple but unique in this century.' - Jacques Derrida 'Insister of Jacques Derrida, so expertly translated by Derrida's principal and most faithful translator, Peggy Kamuf, is an indispensable, daring, heartfelt and moving book...It presents a flawless, committed reading that is in the spirit of Derrida in its serious playfulness, its poetic sinuousness, its elegant reasoning and rhetoric while also being wholly in Cixous' own singular voice. This is not merely a study of Derrida, it is a haunting dialogue with his memory and with his phantom.' - Julian Wolfreys, Professor of Modern Literature and Culture, Loughborough University Helene Cixous is arguably the most insightful and unbridled reader of Jacques Derrida today. In Insister she brings a unique mixture of theoretical speculation, breath-taking textual explication and scholarly erudition to an extremely close reading of Derrida's work, always attentive to the details of his thinking. At the same time, Insister is an extraordinarily poetic meditation, a work of literature and of mourning for Jacques Derrida the person, who was a close friend and accomplice of Cixous's from the beginning of their careers. Insister of Jacques Derrida joins Dream I Tell You by Helene Cixous and Geneses, Genealogies, Genres and Genius by Jacques Derrida, also published in The Frontiers of Theory series.

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