Improving Integrated Pest Management in Horticulture

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"The work not only presents the state of the art for several aspects of IPM but goes further in analysing the actual issues of efficiency and obstacles for wider application by growers…In conclusion this book is a must-have for horticultural students and scientists. It will certainly help to raise IPM application in horticulture to a higher level."(Peter Bleyaert, Chronica Horticulturae)

"The book contains some excellent detailed overviews of recent advances in IPM technology…I congratulate the editor and authors for assembling such a wide range of up-to-date IPM resources into this valuable initiative for scientists, students, agronomists and growers with an interest in horticulture." (Dr Almudena Ortiz-Urquiza, Plant Pathology)

"Improving integrated pest management in horticulture presents a comprehensive review of recent advances in knowledge and research in IPM in horticultural production…The book is easy and enjoyable to read and understand and the chapters and topics are logically arranged and presented. It will be a standard reference for graduate students preparing for careers in horticulture, IPM researchers in horticulture, crop pest management professionals, government agencies tasked with monitoring and regulating pesticide use in agriculture and manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural pesticides."(Professor Stephen N. Wegulo, Crop Protection)

"This book is an extremely important source of information on the present situation and hopefully will encourage more research to refine IPM in horticultural crops."(Professor Graham Matthews, Outlooks on Pest Management)

Pests and diseases remain a significant threat to crop yields worldwide. With concerns about the environmental impact of synthetic pesticides, there remains a need to develop more environmentally-friendly biological methods of control that can be combined synergistically within integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

Improving integrated pest management in horticulture provides a comprehensive review of the recent developments in integrated pest management for horticultural crops. The collection builds on the wealth of research on insect and disease control in horticulture using IPM strategies in areas such as biological control and decision support systems to target techniques more effectively. The book also includes valuable case studies based on practical experience of IPM.

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