I AM I Angelic Messages Oracle Book

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The Universe is alive, listening and responding to our thoughts, words and actions. Connect with this energy today and harness the wisdom and advice it offers you for a better experience of life, today and every day...

If we could have the perfect guidance at our fingertips, whenever we needed it, wherever we needed it, specifically for us in that situation, the experience of life could be far more rewarding, with far less to fear. Well now you can... Combining the life affirming energy of the Universe, the special affiliation we have with the Angelic realm and the innate, purest power of crystals, this book contains all that you need to get you on the right track when facing life's challenges, even on a daily basis. The images are uplifting and words are wise and informative, with easy to use and remember mantras. The book can be used in conjunction with the cards (sold separately) or as a stand-alone product to grant you what you need at any moment.

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