Honey: A Miraculous Product of Nature

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Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar made by bees. Honeybees collect a liquid secretion from flowers, called nectar, and take this back to their hives. It is an appreciated natural gift to humanity derived entirely from honeybees. Honey is the by-product of nectar collected by bees from the flowers, with some digestive enzymes produced by the honeybees themselves.

Honey: A Miraculous Product of Nature summarizes the current status of honey, it's uses and related aspects. This illustrated volume describes use of honey in traditional medicines, i.e. Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani by acting as a preservative and nourishing agent. Also, other properties like digestibility, palatability, deliciousness, refreshing, thirst quencher, stomachic, anti-obtrusive, expectorant, anti-oxidative, anti-tussive and blood purifier are explained in beautiful manner. The role of honey in improving eyesight, strengthens gums and teeth and it's use in jaundice, spleen enlargement, sore throat, chest diseases, sexual debility, renal and cystic calculi, intestinal worms, heart diseases and leprosy is very well described.

The compiled knowledge from range of bee scientists, Honey: A Miraculous Product of Nature aims to provide broad knowledge on honey to the researchers, apiculturists and students to continue their work on honey and honeybees.

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