Higher Education in Minnesota

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Higher Education in Minnesota was first published in 1950.As a guidepost of comprehensive information on the status of post high-school education in Minnesota and its likely role in the future, this report provides a basis for constructive thinking by administrators, teachers, legislators, and others concerned with higher education, not only in Minnesota but in other sections of the country.Presented here is a summary of the findings and recommendations of the Minnesota Commission on Higher Education, created by action of the Minnesota State Legislature in 1947 to survey and report on the state's resources in this area of education. The Minnesota Commission has probed and evaluated all of higher education, synthesizing its own and other research into a detailed yet comprehensive picture that suggests necessary next steps.A practical, down-to-earth viewpoint is held throughout, and the recommendations are based on factual research. The colleges are studied in relation to the kinds of work Minnesota people do, their cultural backgrounds, the amount of money they have to spend, their social activities, their grade and high school educations, their responsibilities as citizens. In this way, higher education is considered, not as an abstraction, but as a social force affecting the kinds of people who live in Minnesota.The major divisions of the volume indicate its scope and realistic viewpoint: The Setting of Higher Education in Minnesota, The Student Potential for Higher Education, Junior College Education, Liberal Arts Education, Teacher Education, Education at the University of Minnesota, The Future of Higher Education in Minnesota.Chapters are by 23 different authors representing various types of colleges and agencies involved in the study.

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