Greenbank Primary: First Aid Brought to Life

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Greenbank Primary: First Aid Brought to Life is a narrative non-fiction that tells a story. It tells a story of a town called Humphrington, a school called Greenbank Primary and the Matthews family engaging with family, friends and teachers.

The main theme throughout the book is 'what can you, as a 10-12 year old person, do to give first aid in a medical emergency?' What are the simple key actions that you could take to help someone recover from a serious asthma attack, seizure, severe wound, broken limb and even drowning and cardiac arrest? Given that success rates in the UK for survival outside of hospital for cardiac arrest are below 10% there is a need for knowledge especially at a young age. In countries that invest in training young children in life saving skills, survival rates are far better than the UK. This book aims for improvement.

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