Genomics and Proteomics: Principles, Technologies, and Applications

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The book provides scope and knowledge on advanced techniques and its applications into the modern fields of biotechnology-genomics and proteomics. In this book, different genomics and proteomics technologies and principles are examined. The fundamental knowledge presented in this book opens up an entirely new way of approaching DNA chip technology, DNA array assembly, gene expression analysis, assessing changes in genomic DNA, structure-based functional genomics, protein networks, and so on.

Topics in the book include:

* Different gene products with a similar role in neuronal defense against oxidative

* Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions in genetic epidemiology

* Elucidation of proto-oncogene c-abl function with the use of mouse models and the disease model of chronic myeloid leukemia

* Next-generation sequencing, microbiome evaluation, molecular microbiology, and their impact on human health

* Proteomics and prostate cancer

* RNA interference therapeutics

* Molecular mechanisms of hepatitis C virus entry

* Molecular phylogenetics for elucidation of evolutionary processes from biological data

* The impact of transgenic crops on soil quality, microbial diversity, and plant-associated communities.

* Biotechnological and genomic approaches for abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants

The book will be valuable for biotechnology researchers and bioinformatics professionals and students in all fields of biotechnology and will serve to broaden their knowledge about these newer tools, techniques, innovations, and applications.

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