Gas Turbine Pollutant Emissions

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Emissions from civil subsonic air traffic are potentially in sufficient amounts to affect climate, particularly with the projected growth in air traffic. The main concern, which in the past was centred on air quality in the vicinity of airports, is now focused on the net global warming effects of emissions of oxides of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and contrails generated at altitude. The scientific debate is ongoing and engine manufacturers are studying a range of new low-emission and fuel-efficient technologies aimed at addressing all environmental concerns in a balanced manner. The large growth markets for both aero and stationary gas turbine continue to put pressure on the requirements to reduce combustion-generated pollutant emissions. The selection papers presented in "Gas Turbine Pollutant Emissions" provides opportunities for experts from industry, research associations, and academia to review and present current concerns and advances in technology. Topics covered include: legislation and control technology; the aero engine response to the protection of the global atmosphere; predictive methods for turbine combustor emissions; design and influence of swirl burners; and direct kinetic effects in turbulent flames. "Gas Turbine Pollutants Emissions" should be of value to research and design engineers and technology managers from both the aero and industrial gas turbine industry, as well as researchers from universities and independent research laboratories.

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