Gas Dynamics

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This revised and updated seventh edition continues to provide the most accessible and readable approach to the study of all the vital topics and issues associated with gas dynamic processes. At every stage, the physics governing the process, its applications and limitations are discussed in detail.

With a strong emphasis on the basic concepts and problem-solving skills, this text is suitable for a course on Gas Dynamics/Compressible Flows/High-speed Aerodynamics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and applied physics. The elegant and concise style of the book along with illustrations and worked-out examples makes it eminently suitable for self-study by students and also for scientists and engineers working in the field of gas dynamics in industries and research laboratories. The computer program to calculate the coordinates of contoured nozzle, with the method of characteristics, has been given in C-language. The program listing along with a sample output is given in the Appendix.

New To The Edition
  • A new chapter on the 'Power of Compressible Bernoulli Equation'
  • Extra chapter-end examples in Chapter 5
  • Additional exercise problems in Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8

Key Features
  • Concise coverage of the thermodynamic concepts to serve as a revision of the background material
  • Introduction to measurements in compressible flows and optical flow visualization techniques
  • Introduction to rarefied gas dynamics and high-temperature gas dynamics
  • Solutions Manual for instructors containing the complete worked-out solutions to chapter-end problems
  • In-depth presentation of potential equations for compressible flows, similarity rule and two-dimensional compressible flows
  • Logical and systematic treatment of fundamental aspects of gas dynamics, waves in the supersonic regime and gas dynamic processes

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