Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications

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Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications is a valuable addition to the literature available in this important field, where much current information is scattered through web sites, journal papers, and magazine articles. Chapters by experts in the field, drawing on both academic and industry-related research, include contributions in the areas of: -The fuel cell vehicle system -Fuel cell types - aspects of alkaline, SOFC, DMFC, and PEM fuel cells -Fuel sources - hydrogen from reformation and renewable resources -Fuel storage on board -Fuel cell modelling -Materials issues -Simulation of the fuel cell vehicle Concern about climate change and the impact of exhaust gas emissions, together with security of energy supply, are all imperatives driving the development of fuel cells for vehicles. Major car makers continue to support on-going research into this technology and prototype fuel cell vehicles are already in use. Series production may be several years ahead, but fuel cell energy is now widely expected to enhance and ultimately replace traditional power sources in the foreseeable future.

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