From Wild Man to Wise Man: Reflections on Male Spirituality

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What does healthy male spirituality look like?

In From Wild Man to Wise Man, Father Richard Rohr explores masculinity and what it means to be a Christian man, offering a reflective and helpful guide to lead men to understand their wilderness as path to God's wisdom.

Drawing on the four archetypes of masculinity, as well as Biblical examples, he explores what men need in order to develop a healthy, balanced male spirituality throughout their faith journey. He covers topics such as unresolved grief, expression of emotion and the stage of a man's life, offering an honest and compassionate structure to help men grow in their spirituality.

From Wild Man to Wise Man is a book for any man wanting to explore the masculine side of his spirituality in a balanced way. It will be helpful for older men wanting to engage more deeply or in a new way with their spirituality, and for younger men just starting out on their journey of faith. It also includes an appendix with a structure for the book to be used by small groups.

For anyone questioning what it means to be a man in our society today, From Wild Man to Wise Man will leave you with a nuanced, thoughtful understanding of male spirituality and a fresh perspective on modern masculinity and identity.

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