From Floor to Sky: The Experience of the Art School Studio

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Peter Kardia is widely recognised as a radical and influential teacher at both Saint Martins and the Royal College during the 60s and 70s. From the long list of Peter Kardia's ex-students 25 well-known artists have been invited to participate in an exhibition at the P3 gallery ( in March 2010, as a sort of potted retrospective of both their work and Peter's teaching. They are asked to show a piece of work from their student or graduation days, as well as a current piece, collectively providing a body of work that will show the range of British sculpture from the last 30 years. The book will act as a catalogue for the exhibition, but is also intended to work as a stand-alone production and extends a little further to include approx. 4 images per artist, including one from both degree show and current times.

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