Food Security and Child Malnutrition: The Impact on Health, Growth, and Well-Being

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Food security and child malnutrition are at the forefront of our attention, both nationally and internationally. The chapters contained in this compendium include a range of methodologies-literature review, cross-sectional study, longitudinal study, case-control, and even a focus group!-all of which examine this urgent issue, revealing new perspectives and facets of information. The international roster of contributors present a nuanced look at food security and child malnutrition with research into food security measures in many nations around the world.

The book is broken into several parts, covering

  • defining food security

  • food security, nutrition, and growth and development

  • food security and mental and physical health

  • food security and child obesity

  • conclusion, with an information study from The Children's Healthwatch on household hardships, public programs, and their associations with the health and development of very young children

The range of topics and information presented here will be valuable for those involved with food security advocacy, policymakers, researchers, social service professionals working children and families, and others.

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