Fluent Everyday English: Book 4 in the Everyday English Advanced Vocabulary series

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Fluent Everyday English is the fourth and final book in the Practical Everyday English series. These self-study books are designed to improve the everyday vocabulary of adult advanced students of English as a foreign language; they are particularly useful for people who live in the United Kingdom or use English on a daily basis either at work or college. The idea behind them is to improve the fluency and knowledge of people who already have much more than just a basic level of English. This final book in the series follows the same format as the previous three titles (Practical Everyday English; Advanced Everyday English; High-level Everyday English); that is: clear explanations of meanings; realistic examples containing words and idioms previously taught; dialogues and exercises. If you have followed the Everyday English course right from the beginning of book 1 (Practical Everyday English) through to book 3 (High-level Everyday English), you shouldn't find Fluent Everyday English any more difficult than the others. My hope, in fact, is that you really enjoy studying this book and feel that it helps you acquire a very high level of English vocabulary.

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