Fishery Water Treatment

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With the increase in population and the growing demand for aquatic food chain of fish see the need to continue increasing their production. The use of natural resources should be managed in a way that does not compromise the environment. One of the main impacts caused by the activity, have the excessive use of water and wastewater generation by cultivation and processing industry.

The treatment of effluents from fishery production began to be discussed recently due to increased concern with environmental issues, so there are many possibilities of innovation and development of new technologies that improve the current processes. In addition to the concern about the treatment of effluents generated by the fishery production, we must also get quality analysis of natural water bodies to understand the actual situation with the aim to reduce pollution and manage the areas so that this precious resource is still available for future generations.

Three-quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water. It seems unbelievable that the world is about to face a crisis of water supply, but there's no point in having plenty of this resource if it cannot be used by the population. Much of the freshwater reserves in the world are already infected and the few healthy reserves are not being managed responsibly. I see that this issue is extremely delicate and should be discussed increasingly seeking improvements in the use of water within the fishery production.

One of the main trends in wastewater treatment and reuse of water is the Aquaponic culture, whose principle is the use of effluent generated by fish farming for the production of vegetables. In addition to this we have the cultivation method in Biofloc technology (BFT), in which there is no renewal of water in the system generating zero effluent.

The book sought a general approach regarding pollution, waste generation and treatment techniques already in use. Some techniques reported in the book are not of fishery water treatment but has the potential to be applied, so I had an interest in adding.

My main intention in this book is to present the various possibilities in the use and treatment of water by fishery production, seeking always the responsible use and proper management of this resource, which is essential for life.

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