Fathers, Sons, and Baseball: Our National Pastime and the Ties That Bond

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From Little League to the big leagues, perhaps no single athletic endeavor in the American consciousness is wrought with as much emotional significance as the game of baseball. Compared to other major professional sports, there are an inordinate number of second-and third-generation ballplayers playing in the major leagues today. And this is due to a whole lot more than just strong genetics. There is something inherently magical about the game of baseball that seems to connect families and bring them closer together through their shared love of the game. And, as evidenced by the big-screen success of such movies as Field of Dreams and The Natural, this connection is something to which the American public can relate.

In "Fathers, Sons, & Baseball," author Wayne Stewart compiles dozens of exclusive, candid interviews with some of the most prominent as well as less-recognized baseball families, thereby presenting a unique and insightful look at the way baseball has not only helped develop these familial relationships, but also how these relationships have helped to shape and nurture their lives as ballplayers.

Among those big league families profiled are:

-- Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr.

-- Ray, Bob, Brett and Aaron Boone

-- Gus, Buddy, and David Bell

-- Cal Ripken Sr. and Jr. and Billy Ripken

-- Sandy Alomar Sr. and Jr., and Roberto Alomar

-- Bobby and Barry Bonds

-- Ed and Scott Spiezio

-- Chris and Justin Speier

-- Clyde and Jaret Wright

-- Tom and Ben Grieve

-- Jack and J.T. Snow

-- Tito and Terry Francona

-- Gary and Darryl Ward

-- Bob and Joel Skinner

-- Tony Armas Sr. and Jr.

-- Randy and Todd Hundley

-- and many more

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