Explorons L'Etranger d'Albert Camus: Edition de l'etudiant

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L'Etranger (The Stranger) by Albert Camus is one of the most read twentieth-century novels and is studied in French-language curricula all around the world, from high school to college programs.

This workbook provides students with tools that are essential to read and study L'Etranger in its original French language. Formulated for various advanced reading levels, this book includes a chapter-by-chapter study of L'Etranger along with 220 vocabulary, grammar and comprehension activities that incorporate a variety of strategies to support various learning needs and styles. Biographical and historical contexts are also included, as well as the outlines of Camus' philosophy in relation to the novel.

Everything has been made to facilitate overall comprehension of the novel, increase deeper insight into the complexities of Camus' philosophical concepts, and develop language proficiency skills to become better at communicating in French. With this study guide, students can relate better to the subject matter and become more skilled readers.

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