Elder Justice: Abuse, Legislation and Financial Exploitation

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Seniors in nursing homes are among the people most vulnerable to life-threatening consequences of abuse and neglect. Across the country, that vulnerability is being exploited in unimaginably cruel ways in nursing homes that are unsafe, understaffed, and uninterested in providing even the most basic humane level of care. Chapter 1 looks at elder abuse and especially nursing home abuse. Elder abuse is a complex issue. As such, it often leads to calls for a multifaceted policy response that combines public health interventions, social services programs, and law enforcement. Chapter 2 provides a brief legislative history of the Elder Justice Act, summarises elder justice provisions enacted as part of the ACA, and describes administrative efforts related to implementation and funding, along with several issues for Congress regarding the act's reauthorisation. Elder financial exploitation -- the fraudulent or illegal use of an older adult's funds or property -- has far-reaching effects on victims and society. Chapter 3 examines the status of HHS's efforts to compile nationwide data through NAMRS on the extent of financial exploitation and the challenges involved, and what is known about the costs of financial exploitation to victims and others.

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