Easy Meat

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The south Wales Valleys, 23rd June, 2016. It's another long day chopping beef carcasses up at the slaughterhouse for former reality TV star and Iron Man contender, Caleb Jenkins, whose untroubled world unravelled when his old man's carpet business went bust last year, another casualty of the global financial

crisis. While he's busy trying to manage the well- being of his conspiracy-theorist brother, the mortgage

keeping a roof over his bankrupt parents' heads, his own excruciating grief, internal rage and impossible credit score, politicians of all persuasions are promising the scared and voiceless people around him real change. Desperate for acknowledgement and a transformation he can't quite bring about by his own means, Caleb is on the edge. Easy Meat is a glimpse of a young man and a country on the verge of a momentous decision.

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