Dwarf Galaxies (IAU S344): From the Deep Universe to the Present

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Dwarf galaxies are important tools for understanding structure formation and galaxy evolution across cosmic time. These low-mass systems allow us to gain a detailed understanding of stellar, chemical, and dynamical properties in the nearby universe; they also provide a unique window into the complex physics of the early universe. The Proceedings of IAU Symposium 344 present our current understanding of dwarf galaxies, with sections dedicated to: Local Group dwarf galaxies; the interstellar medium and star formation in dwarfs; metallicity, massive stars, and chemical evolution; the dwarf galaxy-environment connection; low-mass galaxies at high redshift; and dwarfs as cosmological probes. Broad overviews from leaders in the field, detailed presentation of cutting-edge results, and short summaries of a wide range of work are included for each of these topics, suitable for both experts and newcomers to the field.

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