Dreaming of Horses

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“For the last two decades, Bob Langrish’s photography has been an essential part of Horse Illustrated. His gorgeous equine imagery has graced countless covers and been the cornerstone of the magazine’s signature breed profile. Through Bob’s lens, Horse Illustrated readers have experienced horse breeds from all corners of the globe and enjoyed the beauty of the horse in every form.” —Horse Illustrated.

Horses are celebrated around the globe for their beauty, grace and power. Dreaming of Horses features spreads on a multitude of breeds, and is packed with stunning photographs of each breed in its colour varieties, including at least one full-body image of the horse in motion. Descriptive text tells the story of the breed from its beginnings; its role in the histories of kings and wars, peasants and industry; the characteristics for which it is prized; and how it rose from humble working horse to elite companion and valuable performer. A fact file notes the basics of height, colour, character, and colour photographs displaying the unique brilliance of the most popular breeds. Text describes what makes each breed individual—its origin, history, how climate and terrain shaped its physical features and temperament, how it lives today and its interaction with humans, and how all of these influences have contributed to its unique strength, skill, grace and of course, beauty.

With breathtaking photographs that will awe and inspire, this collection will enrapture anyone with a love of these magnificent creatures: Founding Breeds: The Arabian, The Akhal-Teke, The Thoroughbred, The Andalusian. Wild and Feral Horses: The Mustang, The Chincoteague, The Brumby, The Camargue, The Exmoor, The New Forest. America’s Horses: The Morgan, The Quarter Horse, The Saddlebred, The Tennessee Walking Horse, The Appaloosa, The Palomino, The Paint, The Falabella, The Pony of the Americas, The Paso Fino, The Peruvian Paso, The Mangalarga Marchador. Foals. Horses from Around the World: The Lipizzaner, The Friesian, The Hanoverian, The Trakehner, The Selle Français, The Haflinger, The Percheron, The Fjord, The Welsh, The Shetland, The Connemara, The Suffolk, The Shire, The Orlov Trotter, The Marwari, The Caspian.

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