Discoveries in the Judaean Desert: Volume VIII. The Greek Minor Prophets Scroll from Nahal Hever (8HevXIIgr): The Seiyal Collect

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This volume is the first in the series to present a long Greek text (large sections of the Minor Prophets). The version in the scroll represents an early revision of the Septuagint towards a closer correspondence with the Hebrew text of the Bible - the revision given the name kaige by D. Barthelemy ('Les devanciers d'Aquila', SVT 10, 1963).

After an extensive introduction (which includes a description of the materials by R. A. Kraft, and of the script by Peter J. Parsons) the volume contains an edition of the text, both with and without reconstructions, notes on the palaeography and reconstructions, an extensive commentary on the translation technique, orthographic peculiarities and textual relations, and is supplemented by an index of all words, as well as twenty plates (containing fragments arranged so as to present their position in the original scroll).

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