Des dels edificis. Desde los edificios. From buildings

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...Often, many of the issues concerning Housing have been treated as independent to those which bring us closer to the understanding of the city. This procedure has subordinated or hierarchised one or another approach based on points of view, as if the design decisions around it did not have numerous and fundamental points of contact. The collection of texts that make up this publication precisely intends, despite of the scale difference, to point out how the residential project and that of its urban environment are inseparable and complementary. City and Housing are part of the same urban phenomenon, and ultimately of the same project. A project that must be attentive, in a simultaneous manner, to the multiple and different relationships that derive from this approach. Therefore, to talk about the buildings is also and to a great extent to talk about the city and it makes our approach to reflections about the crucial issues easier in an instrumental and didactic manner. Commencing with the buildings, we understand the complex decisions made over their location or about the materials and systems that allowed for their materialization to be possible. The comprehension of their reasoning makes their specific logic and especially their relationship with the urban fabric closer and more understandable. The city acquires meaning from the buildings and the spaces that shape it in a mutually beneficial relationship...

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Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Iniciativa D

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