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How can you create a school environment where everyone - staff and students alike - will become an active, engaged learner? How can you develop a collegial school culture that will improve morale, expand professional opportunities, and raise student achievement? How can you make a difference in your school?

Judy F. Carr, Nancy Herman, and Douglas E. Harris show how to transform your school into a dynamic learning community. Drawing on decades of experience and success, these former educators and trusted consultants provide expert guidance on:
  • Identifying potential leaders and fulfilling their professional ambitions.
  • Selecting coaches and strengthening professional development capabilities.
  • Recognizing and maximizing the talents and resources of veteran and beginning teachers.
  • Establishing a self-renewing, satisfying mentor program.
  • Designing and running effective study groups.

Whether you are a teacher leader, district supervisor, or principal, these valuable and practical strategies will help you build and sustain collaborative relationships in your school-and embark on a shared journey toward mutual support, continuous learning, and higher achievement.

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