Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials: Integrating Theories, Skills, and Practices

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In an age when actual psychotherapeutic practice is predominantly eclectic, most psychotherapy textbooks are outdated and impractically bound in theoretical pigeon holes. Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials incorporates into a single source the latest advances in the field and focuses on psychotherapy's core processes-rather than ideologies-to provide a comprehensive and imminently pragmatic textbook for learning integrative counseling and psychotherapy.

The central lessons of this book are framed on one side by a theoretical overview in which essential therapeutic concepts and techniques are synthesized, and on the other side by a detailed review of frequently encountered concerns such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, couple/marital issues, and psychopharmacology. From the general to the specific, Good and Beitman keep their discussion grounded in the core processes of psychotherapy-engagement, pattern search, change, and termination-that facilitate therapeutic change.

In Counseling and Psychotherapy Essentials , students have a textbook that seamlessly connects their classroom experience with their actual work with clients, preparing them to be effective clinicians.

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