Cosmic Sphere: A Scientific Reformation

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Despite the boundless advances of modern science, much of the universe still remains a mystery. Mysteries have a way of gnawing at the human mind. Mysteries demand to be solved. In seeking to unravel the mysteries of the universe, scientists and philosophers have proposed bold speculations to explain those mysterious phenomena that lie at the edges of those that have remained elusive to established fact and certainty. Such phenomena include the nature, structure, origin, and terminus of the well-ordered universe. This book explores the phenomena through careful scrutiny. The author proposes a new model of the universe based on a new physical law: the law of space-time conservation helps toward solving the major cosmological problems that have been plaguing quantum theory, nuclear theory, relativity, and Big Bang theory for the past forty years. Without resorting to string theories of 'new age' concepts, the book presents radical new ideas but with a philosophically conservative delivery.

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