Corrective Reading Decoding Level B1, Student Practice CD Package

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  • Corrective Reading, Decoding B1 - Additional Practice and Review Activities CD-ROM

  • Corrective Reading Decoding is a research-proven solution for students who struggle with frequent word identification errors, add and omit words, confuse high-frequency words, or read at a laboriously slow rate.


  • Students learn the skills and concepts necessary to progress from reading significantly below grade level to reading at or above a seventh grade level.
  • Tightly sequenced lessons provide the structure and practice at risk students need to master high-priority skills.
  • Stories written for the program provide a gradual progression in skill development that discourages guessing and overcomes the error patterns typically observed with problem readers.
  • Daily fluency practice with immediate feedback helps students read fluently, accurately, and with expression.
  • Comprehension activities include short-response and open-ended questions to ensure understanding.

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McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
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