Contextual Trauma Therapy: Overcoming Traumatization and Reaching Full Potential

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This book weaves together clinical insights, research findings, a cohesive theoretical model, and a detailed account of how to implement the components of contextual trauma therapy, a form of treatment specifically designed for survivors of complex traumatization. Contextual trauma therapy draws on a unique premise: that many survivors suffer not just from multiple traumatic events, but also from the consequences of childhood developmental deprivation. They have not only repeatedly encountered trauma and violence, but also have been denied some of the most fundamental interpersonal resources that all children require. Author Steven Gold guides readers through the process of forming collaborative relationships with patients who may lack confidence in any social connection, fostering sound judgment and reasoning in clients who grew up with capricious and unpredictable caretakers, and transmitting capacities that promote not only resolution to traumatization, but also a foundation for a gratifying and productive adult life.

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American Psychological Association
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