Contemporary Developments in Emergent Literatures and the New Europe

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Contemporary Developments in Emergent Literatures and the New Europe seeks to explore changing conceptions of European identity, and the possible ways in which we can speak of a N/new Europe, in the context of a discussion of the concept of literary emergence. It gathers a group of both established and early career researchers, from diverse parts of Europe, US and South Africa, whose readings of literary texts describe a range of deterritorialized, hybrid, and heterogeneous identities. Tracing paths from the West of Ireland to Albania, from London to Mecca and Argentina, the essays collected here reveal a Europe that is porous and multiethnic, a Europe of the mind whose spatial co-ordinates exceed national boundaries and divisions. This volume provokes us to reassess our conceptions of the Old Europe, to draw from the new voices we hear in its pages a new landscape, or a palimpsestic overlaying of distinct maps.

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