Consumer Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Globalization

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Today's marketers are confronted with a spate of differing opinions and conflicting information about the changing consumer in the era of globalization. This book, Consumer Cosmopolitism in the Age of Globalization offers authoritative answers to the following questions: "What marketing opportunities are associated with consumer cosmopolitanism?" How do trends in consumer cosmopolitanism affect long-range planning?" "What are the best communications strategies for reaching the cosmopolitan consumer?" "What are the best means of understanding and engagement with these consumers?" "What retail environments and channels work best with this market segment?" "How does marketing to cosmopolitan consumers fit into overall marketing strategies?" "In which directions must organizations change to adapt to consumer cosmopolitanism?"

The book analyzes cosmopolitan consumers in considerable depth and is a rich source of ideas for relevant marketing strategies. It shows how to re-formulate traditional marketing principles that no longer work in the shifting global environment. The book is written under the editorship of Melvin Prince in collaboration with notable experts in the field.

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