Construction Control for Earth and Rockfill Dams

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Construction Control for Earth and Rockfill Dams provides critical guidance for constructors and engineers in supervision and maintenance of these structures. This manual outlines the key components that will ensure the safety and performance of these dams, including competent and adequate supervision, careful inspection and control testing. An entire chapter is devoted to field organization and responsibility. Detailed chapters cover every aspect of foundation and abutment treatment, borrow areas and quarries, earth-fill and rockfill construction, and miscellaneous construction features, such as river diversion, stage construction and service bridge pier foundations. The manual contains an appendix with lists of required and related publications, as well as a bibliography. Additional useful appendices contain methods for relating field density data to desired or specified values, field compaction control forms, instructions for preparing periodic summaries of field compaction control data, and detailed information on instruments used in earth and rockfill dam construction. This detailed and useful manual is an essential information source for engineers and constructors.

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American Society of Civil Engineers
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