Computed Tomography for Radiographers

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The purpose of this book is to give the reader a basic Computed Tomography for Radiographers is divided into introduction to computed tomography. It is also directed two sections. Part 1 is dedicated to the technical aspects of towards qualifying radiographers and to all qualified per computed tomography and Part 2 to the clinical aspects. sonnel who are associated with computed tomography. Computed tomography is also known as: Computed tomography is a complex technology, but it has Computed axial tomography (CAT) been my aim to keep the text concise using diagrams and Computed aided tomography (CAT) images wherever possible. A brief review of X-ray tubes and Computed transvt~rse axial tomography (CTAT) general physics has been given, although the mathematics of Computed transmission tomography (CTT) image reconstruction has been omitted. If required, Reconstruction tomography (RT) dedicated works on the above subjects may be referred to by Selective computed assisted tomography (SCAT) the reader. This book concentrates on the application of the Transmission axial tomography (TAT) above to computed tomography.

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