Classical Optics and its Applications

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This book covers a broad range of topics in classical optics in the form of thirty seven self-contained chapters. The chapters in the first half of the book deal primarily with the basic concepts of optics, while those in the second half describe how these concepts can be used in a variety of technological applications. Each chapter introduces and develops a specialised topic in a comprehensive, clear and pedagogical style. The mathematical content is kept to a minimum as the book aims to provide the reader with accessible discussions of optical phenomena, aided by the numerous diagrams and computer simulation images. Topics covered include classical diffraction theory, optics of crystals, peculiarities of polarized light, thin-film multilayer stacks and coatings, geometrical optics and ray-tracing, optical microscopy, interferometry, coherence, holography, and nonlinear optics. As such, this book will constitute the supplementary-reading companion for graduate-level courses in optics, and for industrial scientists and engineers.

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Cambridge University Press
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