Changes in the Environment: Implications on Vegetation

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The present book provides vast information about the very recent topic of plant responses to climate change. Climate change has emerged as a major environmental constraint affecting the growth and survival of fauna and flora all over the globe. Vegetation forms a vital component of the ecosystem, and so any change in the plant species can lead to serious consequences on other lifeforms and alter the ecosystem composition, leading to ecological imbalance. Climatic alterations such as global warming, increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, and changes in the water availability due to alterations in precipitation pattern adversely affect the growth and distribution of vegetation. The present book is a compilation of the information and available literature regarding the changes in the plant forms responding to climate change. The book covers seven chapters. Chapter One discusses the response of different types of vegetation ranging from forest communities, grasslands, crop plants, weeds and aquatic plants. Separate chapters are allocated to each vegetation type so that detailed information about the topic can be included. The information provided in this book will provide challenges to the scientific community to find out ways to counter the negative effects of climate change on vegetation and suggest measures to protect them, as well as ensure their sustenance for future generations. The book will serve as a valuable reference resource for students, academia educationists, researchers and policy makers that have interest in the field of environmental sciences, plant sciences, agronomy, ecology and climate change.

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