Centrifugal Pumps: State of the Art and New Opportunities

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The Second International Syposium on Centrifugal Pumps - The State of the Art and New Developments is the latest in a successful and prestigious series of IMechE Event Publications. Experts in the field of pumps and pumping have come together to produce these unique papers which cover reducing costs by using less components and better seals, bearings and couplings, increasing and maintaining pump efficiency using high speed super-synchronous motors; and improving safety. Complete Contents: * Closed valve flow field investigation using computational fluid dynamics * A new class of seal-less pump with synchronous integrated canned magnetic drive * Development of a new generation of customer focused water pumps * Improving pump reliability through its secondary components * Variable medium speed pumps combine superior performance with reduced life cycle cost (LCC) * The Weir VSR 2100 - A new concept in high-pressure pumping * High-speed pumps using integrated motor technology * Derby transfer pumping station - inception to commissioning * State-of-the-art boiler feed pump upgrade for Ratcliffe Power Station Centrifugal Pumps will be invaluable reading to those involved with pumps and pumping, including makers and users, component suppliers, refurbishers, contractors, consultants, and researchers.

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