Celebrating Southampton

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Southampton has been a major port on the South Coast of England since the Middle Ages. As a gateway to the country, over the centuries Southampton has welcomed people from all over the world, as well as being an important embarkation point, most famously for the Mayflower and Titanic, the former evidence of its strong non-conformist tradition. The town grew rapidly following the building of the docks in the 19th century and the development of the shipbuilding industry, particularly with companies such as Thornycroft and Harland & Wolff and the aviation industry as the birthplace of the Spitfire but its importance in the Second World War, including its naval base, meant that it became a target for aerial bombardment and much of the city was destroyed. In subsequent decades the city was rebuilt and today has been redeveloped as a commercial and financial centre, but retaining its many green spaces, and proud of its traditions and the many famous names associated with the city over the years.

Celebrating Southampton chronicles the proud heritage of Southampton, its important moments and what draws so many to this dynamic city today. Illustrated throughout, this fascinating book offers a marvellous and refreshingly positive insight into Southampton's rich heritage, its special events and important moments. Celebrating Southampton will be a valuable contribution to the history of the city and provide a source of many memories to those who have known it well over the years.

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