Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering


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From viruses to humans, each organism on earth is made up of genes that provide a blueprint to how that organism functions. As technology and science have progressed, so too have the depth and extent of biotechnology and genetic engineering. The use of biotechnology and genetic engineering has implications on all aspects of life - from the foods people eat to the way diseases are treated. As scientists and researchers discover more about this emerging field, moral concerns become a heated topic for people who question just how far this technology should reach.""Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Third Edition"" provides an overview of the history of this topic and the opinions surrounding it, ranging from the study of fermentation by French chemist Louis Pasteur in the 1850s to the nascent field of synthetic biology. Contemporary case studies such as United States v. Kincade provide multiple perspectives and decisions surrounding this issue while also plotting a course for future debate. A comprehensive and up-to-date overview essay, capsule biographies, a large annotated bibliography, a chronology of significant events, organization and agency listings, and a glossary also provide invaluable information for students, teachers, librarians, scientists, medical personnel, and general readers to explore the controversy surrounding biotechnology and genetic engineering.Coverage includes: whether or not genetically modified food impacts the environment and health; how biotechnology has transformed the pharmaceutical industry; the legal implications of genetic testing; and, more.

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