Auronautical Public Correspondence by Satellite

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This book covers the evolution of satellite based Aeronautical Public Correspondence and the operational environment in which services are being offered. Followed by an examination of applicable rules, including the relevant institutions from which they emanate, attention is devoted to the effect of State Sovereignty applicable in jurisdictions such as territorial airspace, the Arctic, Antarctica, and the High Seas as well as to activities such as telecommunications, air transport, copyright protection and trade in services. Particular attention is given to the ITU Radio Regulations; ITU Sector Recommendations; ICAO Council Resolutions; International Copyright Laws; National Operational Procedures and Statutes. A presentation of the relevant Laws and Regulations currently in force is made, while the subject of Liability is analysed against the backdrop of Case Law and legal instruments in the context of both Public and Private International Law. Looking to the future, the volume discusses the influence of Convergence and the need for more appropriate Regulations. It concludes with a 'Draft Agreement on the Use of Aircraft Earth Stations for Non-Safety Purposes'.

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