Atlas: A Pocket Guide to the World Today


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From the Alps dominating Central Europe to the remote Rapa Nui island in the Pacific Ocean, carry the world in your pocket with this handy book.

Covering all 196 countries, Atlas features over 260 elaborately detailed maps. Each map is enriched with information about the region as well as political profiles of the countries. From the Atacama Desert to the Zagros Mountains, this updated version presents digital landscape modelling combined with important roads, railways, rivers and settlements to give a complete global overview.

An atlas and an A-Z gazetteer packed in one volume, this atlas will delight you with essential amazing facts, useful insights, and statistical figures from around the world. This book also includes data on climate to population and economy, helping you brush up your knowledge of other countries.

Loaded with outstanding maps and a huge amount of information in a tiny package, Atlas will let you journey across the world in the comfort of your home or classroom.

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