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Oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions are among the most important and interesting chemical reactions that occur in aquatic environmental systems, which include soils, sediments, aquifers, rivers, lakes, estuaries, water treatment and distribution systems, etc. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of aquatic redox chemistry through chapters contributed by many of the leading investigators in the field. Each chapter summarizes core concepts and reports important new developments in areas of priority or emerging interest, such as the prediction of redox reaction rates and mechanisms, role of redox shuttles in biogeochemistry, interfacial properties of redox active minerals, role of reactive oxygen species in sunlit surface waters, water treatment technologies based on oxidation or reduction, and coupling of redox with transport processes. Fundamental and advanced aspects of each topic are balanced such that the volume can serve as teaching material for upper level students in environmental science or engineering, as well as being a valuable resource for experienced scientists and practitioners.

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