Anatomy of the Aeroplane

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The Anatomy of the Aeroplane is the first of a trilogy of textbooks, including The Design of the Aeroplane and Flying Qualities and Flight Testing of the Aeroplane, which have been described internationally as classics and required reading for professionals and students of aeronautics around the world. Together, they link theory and practical experience in the areas of aeronautical form and function, design, flying qualities and flight testing. The Anatomy concentrates on a broad landscape of physical principles and technological advances, among aeroplanes designed to meet specific operational requirements, from military strike to disaster relief. The new edition has been extensively updated since its first publication in 1966. It discusses critically the advantages and disadvantages of different subsonic and supersonic aerodynamic, propulsive and structural configurations of light to heavy aircraft; stealth technology; design for operation in surface (ground) effect; and fly-by-wire, fly-by-light and high-order control systems to achieve extreme agility. It is extensively illustrated with additional plates and drawings.

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