Advances in Environmental Research: Volume 53

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This book provides readers with the latest developments in environmental research. Chapter One provides information that can guide environmental public health education programs. Chapter Two focuses on advancement in understanding of global climate change effects on soils microbial dynamics, the role of soil microbes in enhancing resistance of plants to diverse stressful conditions and biochar as climate change mitigation. Chapter Three examines smectite-salt soil formations in Situ and Ex Situ. Chapter Four details the design, development and construction of an automated water treatment system, including the development of a water treatment chemical. Chapter Five discusses the coastal wetlands' integrated ecosystem management strategy using payment of environmental services in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Chapter Six discusses urban dynamics with cellular automata. Chapter Seven provides a review of the antimicrobial and insecticidal activities of rhizome oils from Cyperus distans and Cyperus rotundus. Chapter Eight analyses how satellite imagery can help investigate the life of insects.

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