Advances in Chemistry Research: Volume 55

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The influence of individual groups in the monomeric unit of polyamides on their physical properties is analysed in the opening chapter of Volume 55. The following chapter focuses on selected aspects of the chemistry and biology of triclabendazole, and includes not only a description of the impact of the disease fasciolosis, but also the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of triclabendazole. The author of the penultimate chapter focuses on the catalytic reaction mechanism of H2 release by solvolysis, hydro-thermolysis, and thermolysis reactions of borates. Recent advances in the fabrication of various catalysts are discussed, and recent investigations of their internal and external properties are described. The final review attempts to summarize the medicinal properties, health benefits and clinical applications of papaya. Furthermore, research and exploitation of high value-added products from papaya is discussed.

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