Advances in Chemistry Research: Volume 25

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This book presents original research results on the leading edge of chemistry research. Each article has been carefully selected in an attempt to present substantial research results across a broad spectrum. Topics discussed include integrated upgrading of energy agro-crops for production of dissolving grade eco-clean cellulose fibres; effective medium simmons (EMS) model for accounting of multi-barrier tunnelling in single molecular nanodevice; methods for converting nitro aryls to secondary aryl amines in one-pot; effect of NaOH coatings on the 330Cb alloy oxidation at 900 DegreesC; evaluation of a novel natural adsorbent for heavy metal removal and its comparison to banana peel; structural diversity, surface composition, and redox behaviour in the La0.6Sr0.4CoO3 PrO2- system; improvement of x-ray fluorescence and x-ray radiometric methods of rare heavy metals' diagnostics in soils; difference in deformation characteristics by forming into the agglomerates in KCl:Sr2+ single crystals; the electrolytic dissociation of alkyl and aryl derivatives of glutaric acid; and thermodynamic consistency tests for experimental data of salt deposition in saline water.

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