A Commitment to Law, Development and Public Policy: A Festschrift in Honour of Nana Dr. SKB Asante

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A Festschrift is a celebration in writing. This Festschrift honours Nana Dr. Samuel Kwadwo Boaten Asante - a most distinguished legal scholar, practitioner and policymaker and a towering figure in the Ghanaian legal community. Throughout his academic and professional life, Dr. SKB Asante advanced the interests of the developing world through his scholarship, advocacy and counsel in law, development and public policy matters. Through a career that spans more than half a century of working with international organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank, various governments around the world and academic establishments in Ghana and abroad, he worked tirelessly to introduce fresh perspectives to provide countries at the periphery of the international system with a meaningful opportunity to pursue their development aspirations. Dr. Asante is a former Solicitor-General and Deputy Attorney-General of Ghana. He was the Chairman of the Committee of Experts that drafted proposals for Ghana's current Constitution. He has published extensively including articles in the Yale Law Journal, American Journal of International Law, Review of Ghana Law and Cornell Law Journal.

This Festschrift contains forty-two chapters written by forty-seven authors with outstanding credentials from various countries. The authors include Justices of the superior courts of Ghana, England and Wales; a Judge of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal; experts on international investment law, international and domestic arbitration, natural resources law, constitutional law, transnational corporations and public international law; and legal practitioners, policy makers and academics from a great variety of institutions including Harvard Business School, Georgetown University Law Centre, Oxford University, University of Ghana, Cornell University Law School, Transparency International, and the Ghana Arbitration Centre ). Their essays examine Dr. Asante's life, work and scholarship, and probe issues arising in foreign investments and international business transactions; national and international dispute resolution; public international law, governance and constitutionalism; perspectives on nation building; natural resources, land and the environment; and law, development and policy.

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